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Nature, environment and food

Would you like to be part of a close and inspirational, social and professional network where you gain new experience, knowledge and personal contacts? If so we offer good networking opportunities: As a JA member you are free to participate in a wide range of networks independent of where you live and work.
JA itself is a network organization representing students, BSc and MSc members within biotechnology, agricultural science, environment, energy, natural resources management and economics, agricultural and urban planning and foods. However, within JA we also offer special networks for members with special interests e.g. in horticulture, forestry, agriculture, ecology or project management. We also offer network activities for our unemployed members.
No matter what kind of network suits you, you will meet like-minded people who share your professional interests. Networking is rewarding both professionally and personally and is an invaluable tool in any career and competency development process.
You will meet like-minded people with whom you can share your professional expertise and knowledge. You might get inspired and foster new ideas. You might get ideas as to how you move forward.
Each JA network organizes a whole range of events and activities to promote professional exchange of experience and development as well as personal networking among its members. The professional network opportunities within JA allow you to make new contacts.
Network membership is free and is a service that is already covered by your JA membership fee. You are free to join as many network groups as you like. Please contact our network coordinator for more information.
Networking events are published in our event calendar, in our JA newsletters.


Cathrine Norup

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