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If you are stuck in your job-hunting process or lack inspiration, JA is ready to help you move forward.

The same goes for finding the right job database. We can also assist you with your job applications if these do not pave the way to job interviews.
Please contact our career and competency consultant for further help.


When you begin your PhD training as a scholar, you may have a lot of questions. Maybe you are wondering about pay and terms and conditions of employment or the PhD process ahead. The JA secretariat is able to help you with such questions.
A PhD degree is usually a three-year full-time education. Normally, you complete your PhD as an employed  PhD student who is at the same time enrolled at a university. Therefore, the Danish PhD education regulations as well as your employment contract specify your terms and conditions of employment.
To enroll as a PhD student you need to apply to a university. Application deadlines and procedures are published on the PhD home page of the various universities.
Another way to do a PhD is to enroll in the industrial PhD programme. This is a special programme in which you work on a certain research project and complete your training as a scholar in collaboration with a private company, you yourself as an industrial PhD student and a university. As an industrial PhD you are employed by a private company. Instead of a private company you can also be employed by a public institution or organisation on the same terms.
You can read more about the industrial PhD programme on University of Copenhagen’s PhD home page. Here you can also read more about the content of a PhD education and about  funding, guidelines, rules and regulations.
JA negotiates and approves the terms and conditions of employment that apply to Danish PhD programmes within our field. Therefore, JA are happy to offer councelling and advice on all aspects of your PhD employment.

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