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JA Ambassadors

JA desires close contact with our student members, and therefore, we aim at consolidating and increasing the number of members among students. A large number of student members at both Aarhus University and the University of Copenhagen enables us to act efficiently for the benefit of the student associations and networks. For this reason, JA has employed two JA ambassadors at SCIENCE, University of Copenhagen and Agricultural Science, Aarhus University, respectively.
Our JA ambassadors aim to make JA better known among students. A particular emphasis is put on communication and student involvement on Facebook. The ambassadors are also collecting input and dissiminating feedback to JA as to the need and requirement of students in relation to JA.
As a student you are welcome to contact your JA ambassador at your faculty. They are happy to provide you with information on JA and the student associations, and they are always interested in receiving your feedback on how JA can improve our student support and services.

JA ambassador KU

Nina Berg Jørgensen
JA ambassadør på KU


JA ambassador KU

Mette Møller Jensen
JA ambassadør på KU


JA ambassador AU

Mads Rønby Priess Sørensen
JA ambassadør på AU

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