Become a member of JA

Payment of a membership fee is due quarterly on 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October. The 2019 quarterly membership fees are:
Rate 1 (employees): 1,298.00 DKK
Rate 2 (self-employed): 566.00 DKK
Rate 3 (unemployed): 370.00 DKK
Note: you are entitled to a reduction in your membership fee if you are
  • A full-time unemployed
  • On maternity leave
  • On parental leave (old scheme) or other kind of leave of absence
  • Publicly employed in a wage subsidary job
  • Receiving sickness benefit, social security benefit, short-term benefit or similar
  • a student

Student membership fee for Aarhus University students: 108.00 DKK quarterly. The fee is subject to a rise if student associations are established.

Fee for temporary student membership for exchange students at University of Copenhagen (Frederiksberg Campus): prepayment of membership is due once a year: 432.00 DKK (equivalent to 36.00 DKK per month).

Membership resignation

Membership resignation from JA must be in writing. You are welcome to email your resignation to us at  We would highly appreciate a short description of your reasons for resigning from JA as this will help us improve.

Membership resignation from JA requires that you hand in a three-month notice prior to a change of quarter. E.g. a resignation notice received between 1 January and 31 March implies that your resignation is effective from 1 July.

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