About JA

Our objectives are to organize and represent BSc  and MSc  members and students within applied sciences in agricultural science, natural resources management, environment, energy, agri-economics, landscape architecture, urban planning, biotechnology and foods. Our members work as administrators, researchers, teachers, consultants and managers, and JA represents our members’ material and immaterial interests as an academic expert group in relation to the job market.
JA aims at improving our members’ conditions in the workplace by
  • offering members the best possible counselling, guidance and negotiation support in relation to job market issues.
  • ensuring that members’ skills and competencies continuously meet present and future requirements within our members’ fields of expertise. Further, by focusing on the career and competency development of our members.
  • creating awareness of professional and job market issues within our members’ fields of expertise.
  • Initiating and facilitating professional network opportunities as well as strengthening the sense of unity among member colleagues.

JA is the result of many years of cooperation

JA was founded in 1976 as an academic trade union and was then called Danmarks Jordbrugsvidenskabelige Kandidatforbund (The Danish Agronomist Union). In 1997, we changed our name into Jordbrugsakademikernes Forbund (The Agricultural Academics Union), in 2004, we again changed into Jordbrugsakademikerne (Agricultural Academics) and finally as of 17 September 2007, we became JA.


Hans-Henrik Jørgensen is chairman of the board in JA. Hans-Henrik Jørgensen is MSc in agronomy and works as consultant in The Danish Agriculture and Food Council.

Members’ educational background

JA is an academic trade union representing members who have a BSc or MSc degree in agricultural and horticultural science, forestry, landscape architecture and management, agri-economics, environmental chemistry and biochemistry. We also represent professionals who have other MSc degrees within the natural sciences. Our members are graduates from SCIENCE, University of Copenhagen, Denmark or Science and Technology, Aarhus University, Denmark. Additionally, JA organizes and represents members who have other academic degrees employed in jobs similar to those of the group mentioned above.

Size and organization

JA has approximately 5000 members, and JA itself is a member of the Danish academic umbella organization Akademikerne (AC). In AC, JA cooperates closely with four other academic trade unions, together known as De 5 (the Five). Besides JA, the Five includes smaller unions for veterinarians, pharmacists, public dentists and architects.

Network organization

JA is a network organization, and our members can freely join or form a network within JA. A network helps strengthen its members’ value as a workforce as well as arouses its members’ professional curiosity. For more information on JA networks, please visit the webpage Networks. Please contact JA if you wish to form a new network and need start-up or operational support.

International partnerships

JA is a member of CEDIA (European Confederation of Agronomist Associations). CEDIA has its own website, organizes conferences and publishes newsletters (please see the CEDIA website).

JA cooperates with our sister organizations in Scandinavia through NLR (Nordiske Landbrugsakademikers Råd - The Nordic Council of Agricultural Academics). As a JA member you are entitled to a temporary guest membership of our sister organization in the Nordic country in which you are employed (Sweden, Norway or Finland). Please contact the JA secretariat if you need more information on guest memberships.

In Norway our sister organization is called Naturviterne and in Sweden Naturvetarna. Both organizations include MSc members within agricultural science, natural science and several other related academic backgrounds. If you wish to get in contact with our Finnish sister organization, please contact the JA secretariat.

Links to other organizations in the Secretariat:

The Association of Danish Forest and Landscape Engineers (https://www.skovogland.dk//omdsl/english/Sider/default.aspx)

The Danish Veterinary Association

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